He discussed his success with a team that’s currently in the fifth tier of English football and how he guided them to European success on the game. Postecoglou found huge success with Southend United while playing Football Manager, taking the National League outfit all the way to UEFA Champions League glory before losing his job months later, brutal!

The Spurs boss mentioned that he had a lot of down time while working for a National team and got stuck in to Football Manager, mentioning how much he loves the concept of the game. He made use of his knowledge on youth players, having coached Australia’s youth national football teams, to sign some exciting young stars for his Football Manager teams. Ange also mentioned that he approached his FM teams with the same tactics and philosophy as he does in real life.

“Once I started, fair to say that, like most people, you’re all in. I love the concept and it’s very similar to what I was doing at the time, but also an extension of that because you had a little bit of freedom in the game to kind of do things that real life doesn’t allow you to do,” says the Spurs head coach.

In terms of his favourite Football Manager memories, Ange’s bittersweet journey with Southend United stands out. “I love the taking the small club all the way to the highest possible levels and I guess the one for me was Southend United. The only reason I picked them was because they were the closest I could find to South Melbourne, the club I grew up and played with,” revealed Ange.

“I took them all the way to a Champions League. My greatest moment but also my biggest heartbreak, as they sacked me six months later, when I was expecting a statue,” joked the 58-year-old.

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