Griezmann, the former Atleti legend, is currently managing Newcastle United in a promotion push with his former club, Blackburn Rovers. Alongside his football career, Griezmann is also a passionate gamer and owns an eSports team called Grizi Esports. In the game Football Manager 24, he has successfully guided Rovers to sixth place in the Championship.

The club’s board has recognized Griezmann’s efforts and offered him a contract extension. This is a positive indication that he will be able to guide the team back to the top flight of English football. One of his notable signings this season is Calvin Ramsey, a Scottish left back who is currently on loan from Liverpool at Preston North End. Griezmann has previously managed Arsenal and Newcastle in other editions of Football Manager, a game he shares a deep appreciation for with Ousmane Dembele.

In real-life, Blackburn Rovers are currently positioned at 11th place in the English Championship. The team surely dreams of having Griezmann’s virtual managerial skills to improve their present situation. It will be interesting to receive regular updates on Griezmann’s progress in the game.

Football Manager – save ??

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