Johannesburg, South Africa – April 10: Orlando Pirates coach JoÅ?e Riveiro addressed the media at the Nedbank Cup quarter final press conference, explaining the resurgence of striker Tshego Mabasa since his return to the team in January. Riveiro clarified that Mabasa was not with the club upon his arrival, stating that he had not overlooked the striker, but there were other players performing better at the time.

Riveiro emphasized that Mabasa has been pivotal in not just scoring goals but also in enhancing the overall team performance. He expressed hope for Mabasa to maintain his current form and credited his talent, but refrained from delving into the reasons behind Mabasa’s initial absence.

The coach highlighted the significance of Mabasa’s contributions beyond scoring goals, acknowledging the team’s overall performance improvement with his return. Riveiro attributed Mabasa’s absence at the beginning of the season to factors that were likely related to his performance but mentioned that he did not have that conversation with the player.

The text provides insights from the Orlando Pirates press conference at Nedbank Headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Discussions revolved around the improved form of striker Tshego Mabasa upon his return to the team.

Coach JoÅ?e Riveiro emphasized the impact of Mabasa’s performance on the team’s overall play and refrained from elaborating on the reasons behind his initial absence.

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