The philanthropic baller, Maema, made a heartfelt return to his alma mater ten years after graduating. He had come back to Heatherdale Secondary School in Bloemfontein to distribute school shoes and engage with the star-struck learners. Accompanied by his team, Maema brought a bulk of school shoes and sanitary pads to support the students.

During the visit, Maema presented the school with a special gift – his framed MTN8 Final jersey. This jersey will serve as a constant reminder of Maema’s success and will hopefully inspire the students to pursue their dreams. As he arrived, the baller also took the time to greet the school’s staff, showing his appreciation for their dedication to education.

In an Instagram post, Maema’s foundation expressed the importance of giving back to the schools that shaped our early years. They encouraged others to consider acts of kindness, such as mentorship, donations, or supporting educational initiatives. It is through these small gestures that we can make a significant impact on the places that have influenced our lives.

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