Pienaar spoke about his love for Nigerian movies and how he had a steady collection of DVD’s. He enjoyed a memorable time at Everton with Yakubu, under David Moyes. The duo reminisced about their years in Merseyside. Yakubu jokingly referred to Pienaar as one of the clowns in the change rooms, while Pienaar claimed to be the organizer of the parties. They then discussed Pienaar’s respect for Nigerian culture, and Yakubu shared a story about discovering that Pienaar could speak Pidgin English. Pienaar, known for his ability to speak six languages, learned Pidgin English while in Holland, taught by his African teammates and through Nigerian films. Pienaar’s love for Nigeria extended beyond language, as he revealed his passion for Nollywood films, which began during his time at Ajax Amsterdam. He mentioned his fondness for actors such as Sam Loko and Mr. Ibu.

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