Kaizer Chiefs football manager Bobby Motaung has announced that interim coach Arthur Johnson will finish the season in his current role. However, there is a possibility that Johnson may return to his initial position as head of the academy at Chiefs. Motaung does not completely rule out a permanent appointment for Johnson as head coach.

During Johnson’s tenure as interim coach, Chiefs have won four games, drawn one, and lost two. This successful record has given the Amakhosi management some breathing space to carefully plan for their next coaching appointment.

Motaung explains that Johnson was originally brought in for his expertise in academy development. However, when the team faced challenges with their coaching staff, they had to engage him to stabilize the team. Motaung praises Johnson’s experience and acknowledges that he has done a good job so far. Johnson’s inclusion in the team’s pre-season camp will further prepare him for his current coaching duties.

Motaung believes that Johnson has shown promise in the games he has taken over and that he can succeed as head coach. The squad has positive energy, and Motaung is optimistic about Johnson’s potential to lead the team to success. Motaung also mentions that there is a long-term plan for Johnson’s initial position, and discussions about his future role will take place at a later stage.

In conclusion, Johnson will continue as interim coach for the remainder of the season, but the possibility of a permanent appointment still exists. The focus is currently on the team, and decisions regarding Johnson’s future will be discussed at a later time.

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