Kaizer Chiefs football manager, Bobby Motaung, recently made a statement confirming that the club is not going to sign any new players during this transfer window. This decision has sparked a response from a former Amakhosi star who has provided his opinion on the matter.

According to Motaung, the club’s strategy is to give all the players a fair chance to showcase their skills before making any additional changes to the squad. During the previous transfer window, several new players were brought in to strengthen the team. Now, the focus is on allowing these players an opportunity to prove their worth on the field.

The interim coach of Kaizer Chiefs, Cavin Johnson, has received praise for his ability to improve the team’s performances and achieve positive results. Due to the team’s recent progress, the club management sees no reason to make any alterations to the current squad.

In summary, Motaung’s announcement regarding the lack of new signings has received attention from a former player. The club’s strategy is to give all players an equal chance to perform before making any further decisions, based on the improvements observed by the interim coach. As a result, Kaizer Chiefs sees no need to make any changes to the team at this time.

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