In the 2022/23 campaign, the player featured in only eight games and has made just one appearance this season. The club, Moroka Swallows, claimed that the player was injured. However, the South African Football Players Union (SAFPU) revealed the troubling details of the situation. SAFPU secretary general Nhlanhla Shabalala stated in a press conference that the player had to pay for his own knee surgery because the club did not provide assistance. Normally, when a player is injured, the team pays for the surgery and assists with the rehabilitation process, claiming the money from insurance. However, Moroka Swallows failed to do so in this case.

Shabalala emphasized the challenges that football players face and expressed his concern that their struggles are often overlooked. He mentioned that players are often perceived as undisciplined and allowed to do whatever they want. He urged people to understand that playing football in South Africa is physically painful and that players across the country are facing similar treatment issues, not just at Moroka Swallows.

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