Team Royal Am, a football club in Cape Town, South Africa, has found itself in legal trouble recently. One of their players, Ricardo Nascimento, took the club to FIFA over unpaid salaries and a payment for the club’s decision to not extend his contract. FIFA ruled in favor of Nascimento and ordered the club to pay him the outstanding amounts. However, Royal AM has appealed this decision through the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

This legal issue comes on top of another case involving the unfair dismissal of Samir Nurkovic. It is believed that Nurkovic is owed around R12 million by the club. Royal AM has released a statement addressing both cases, stating that they are currently working to lift their transfer ban and are seeking amicable resolutions with both players.

In other news, Royal AM has announced the launch of their new online stadium, This website will serve as the new home for Soccer Laduma, providing soccer news as well as the ability to comment on articles, view other comments, save articles, and more. Users can sign up for free to explore the new platform.

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