In Johannesburg, South Africa, on November 26, 2023, Moroka Swallows, a football team, failed to show up for their DStv Premiership match against Sundowns and Arrows. This was due to a dispute between the players and management. As a result, both Sundowns and Arrows were awarded walkovers, giving them 3-0 wins.

The Premier Soccer League Disciplinary Committee (PSL DC) reviewed the case and listened to submissions from the league’s legal representatives and Moroka Swallows Football Club. After considering the evidence, the PSL DC made a ruling. Firstly, for each match that was not honored, the opponents of Moroka Swallows Football Club were granted a three-point and three-goal advantage, also known as a walkover in football terminology.

Additionally, the Moroka Swallows Football Club was fined a monetary amount of R1 million. However, R600,000 of the fine is suspended for a period of 24 months. This suspension is conditional on the club not being found guilty of the same offense during this time. The remaining balance of R400,000 must be paid effectively. This ruling was communicated by Mojavu through the PSL media department.

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