Chippa United, a South African soccer team, is rumored to be in discussions with Orlando Pirates for a potential player swap. Thabiso Lebitso of Chippa United is expected to be the player involved in the swap. The sources suggest that Bienvenu Eva Nga or Azola Matrose could be the players offered by Chippa United in exchange for Lebitso.

According to a Siya source, Chippa United may lose two players in the transfer window. One player, Augustine Mulenga, has already left for AmaZulu. The club needs to fill the gaps left by these departures. The source believes that Lebitso will soon be announced as a player for Orlando Pirates. The player swap discussions are part of Chippa United’s plan to replace the lost players. The proposed players for the swap are Eva Nga and Matrose, but this may change depending on Pirates’ willingness to let go of certain players and other conditions.

Another Siya source mentioned that the potential swap could also depend on Chippa United’s specific needs in terms of player positions. Pirates will need to consider if they are willing to release the players proposed by Chippa United. The decision is not an easy one for Pirates, as they have to ensure that they won’t require the players Chippa United is suggesting. They may have to assess fringe players who may not be needed by the technical team for the second half of the season. The outcome of this swap will become clearer closer to the end of the transfer window.

Soccer Laduma reached out to both Chippa United and Orlando Pirates for comment, but no response was received at the time of preparing this story.

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