From an early age, the shot-stopper showed a natural talent for athletics and participated in various sports, such as cricket and athletics. However, once he discovered football, he became completely dedicated to the sport.

After finishing high school in 2009, Williams received his first professional contract offer from Matsatsantsa. Initially hesitant to sign, he ultimately decided to take the chance when coach Gavin Hunt expressed belief in him. Since then, Williams has not only proven himself as a valuable player but also become the club’s captain.

During an interview, South Africa’s number one goalkeeper also shared some insights about his personal life. He discussed his favorite pastimes during spare time and revealed that he enjoys eating curry.

When asked about his fame and recognition, Williams emphasized the importance of remaining humble and professional at all times. He expressed gratitude for the support and recognition he has received, describing it as an amazing feeling.

In conclusion, Williams considers SuperSport as his true home. He has found success and happiness within the club and remains grateful for the opportunities they have provided him.

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