After a recent clash between players and staff members of Morocco and DR Congo, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) will be investigating the events and deciding on any potential action. CAF released a statement on their website in the early hours of Tuesday morning, stating that they have launched an investigation against the Royal Moroccan Football Federation and the Congolese Association Football Federation. They also mentioned that they will refrain from commenting further until the investigation is complete.

During the match between Morocco and DR Congo, Morocco’s manager, Walid Regragui, was seen engaged in an argument with DR Congo’s captain, Chancel Mbemba, following a post-match handshake. More players and staff members from both teams also became involved in the altercation. Regragui, who is highly regarded as a coach, addressed the incident after the match and expressed regret for his and his team’s actions. He also stated that he has a great respect for Mbemba, who had reportedly accused Regragui of making discriminatory remarks towards him.

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