Former PSL Footballer of the Season, Khama Billiat, made a brief appearance on the field as a substitute for Ashley Du Preez before being replaced due to injury. This was Billiat’s first game since October 2022, as he had been sidelined with an injury. Despite Chiefs’ hopes to extend his contract, Billiat chose to leave after his previous deal expired in June. It was reported that he would have had to take a pay cut to have his contract extended, which he and his camp reportedly objected to.

It is understood that Billiat was one of the highest earners at Chiefs since joining in 2018. Without a club for the first half of the 2023/24 season, his move to SuperSport is his current opportunity to revive his career. However, there are concerns that signing with SuperSport could mean a decrease in his salary package. Despite this, fans are eager to see Billiat back in action and believe that coming back to play, even on a short-term deal, is more important than the money.

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