Their celebrations were inspired by the efforts of a fan known as Dlamini. The AmaZulu super fan is known for his choreography, where he impersonates the actions of a player warming up, heading the ball and others, with sounds being made after every action. Dlamini has been entertaining crowds throughout the country with this movement, whether it’s at matches for his beloved Usuthu or for Bafana Bafana. During the COSAFA Cup in Durban last year, Dlamini was joined by the Bafana Bafana players in doing his famous celebration.

The win saw The National Thunder extend their unbeaten run in all competitions to 12 matches and hope to certify their spot into the next round with a positive result over hosts, the Ivory Coast. The players celebrations drew plenty of attention on social media and it resembled the choreography conducted by AmaZulu’s super fan, Dlamini.

Equatorial Guinea players took celebrations to a whole new level after their 4-2 win. Videos of their celebration were shared on social media, showing their energetic and synchronized movements. The celebration resembled the choreography performed by AmaZulu’s super fan, Dlamini. The videos gained attention and were shared by football media outlets.

The celebrations by Equatorial Guinea players were praised for their creativity and enthusiasm. Fans were impressed by their dedication and the level of detail in their choreography. The videos went viral on social media and sparked conversations about the influence of passionate fans on the game.

Overall, the celebrations by Equatorial Guinea players showcased the impact that passionate supporters like Dlamini can have on the game. Their tribute to his choreography highlighted the connection between the players and the fans, and the joy that football can bring to both.

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