The new Showmax app is on the horizon. Subscribers will receive instructions detailing how to transition to the updated app, making the process simple and seamless. This revamped app offers ample entertainment without consuming excessive data.

Mobile viewers can opt for a data setting as low as 40MB/hour. Showmax is set to release nearly 20 brand-new Originals in February. From reality TV to drama, there’s something for everyone.

Subscribers can look forward to new seasons of favorites such as The Real Housewives of Durban and The Mommy Club. Additionally, new series like Chocolate Kings and Widows Unveiled are on the way. The drama lineup includes adaptations of two local bestsellers, Red Ink and Catch Me A Killer.

There’s also Wyfie, Youngins, Koek, and Ekhaya Backpackers for South African audiences. Thanks to partnerships with Comcast and major networks like HBO, Paramount, Warner Bros. Discovery, subscribers will have access to some of the world’s most popular content.

Showmax will feature blockbusters like Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning and Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, ensuring access to the year’s top box office hits. Additionally, box sets of House of the Dragon and The Last of Us will be available in the future, courtesy of HBO. Showmax Premier League ensures that fans stay updated on all things Premier League.

To make their offerings even more accessible, Showmax is introducing new, affordable packages, including Showmax Premier League, Showmax Entertainment Mobile, and Showmax Entertainment plans. Customers in 44 African countries will have access to these plans, and bundling packages provides even more value for subscribers.

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