In 2017, Neymar and Mbappe formed a strong on-field relationship in Paris. However, their relationship soured when Mbappe’s significance at PSG surpassed Neymar’s. Recently, Neymar made a controversial comment on an Instagram post defending Mbappe, indicating that their differences have not been resolved. Neymar’s remark, “gringo ball sucker,” generated attention online.

He made the comment while being sidelined with an injury in Saudi Arabia and it has been interpreted as a reference to someone not from Brazil. Another Brazilian online page, *SelecaoTalk*, suggested that Neymar’s comment may have been related to Brazilians’ tendency to criticize everything Brazilian and praise everything European. Despite being Brazil’s all-time leading goalscorer, Neymar’s strained relationship with Brazilian fans has persisted, particularly due to his inability to secure a major trophy with the national team. In contrast, Mbappe’s recent performance for PSG in their 4-1 victory over Barcelona in the Champions League has garnered praise.

He scored twice, further showcasing his competitive nature and dedication to winning.

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