Italian midfielder Marco Verratti and Sergio Ramos bid farewell to the Ligue 1 champions, leaving Kylian Mbappe as the team’s last remaining superstar. According to French football expert Julian Laurens, Mbappe is still set to depart Les Parisiens. However, with the departure of Messi and other high-profile figures, the changing room is a better place to be. Laurens mentioned that this season marks the impending big change, with Mbappe leaving after seven years.

He also noted the timing of these changes, with fewer issues and egos in the dressing room. Laurens highlighted the departure of Messi, Neymar, and Verratti, who had a significant presence both on and off the pitch, and the shift to a more cohesive atmosphere in the current dressing room. He also mentioned that Mbappe, despite being the best player in the world, seems to have a calmer ego and is focused on enjoying the game.

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