Michael Morton, a professional football player with nearly 15 years of experience, is known for his quiet and effective approach to the game. His career began at Orlando Pirates, a club he holds dear to his heart. Since then, he has achieved success and won trophies.

Currently playing for Cape Town Spurs, Morton is playing a crucial role in guiding younger players as the team fights to avoid relegation. In an interview with Soccer Laduma’s Masebe Qina, Morton discusses the factors that have kept him motivated throughout his career. He also reflects on the challenges faced by talented footballers and highlights Themba “Mshishi” Zwane as an exemplary South African footballer.

Morton reminisces about the competitive matches he played against talented players like Themba “Mshishi” Zwane, Thela Ngobeni, Sandile Zuke, Roger Majafa, and Mandla Masango. He acknowledges the tough battles he faced on the field and the talent of his fellow players. The interview provides insight into Morton’s career, his perspective on the football industry, and the notable players he has encountered.

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