Cape Town Spurs coach Ernst Middendorp expressed his concerns about the quality of coaching and officiating in South African football. He emphasized the need for improved qualifications and licenses for coaches but also highlighted the issue of refereeing standards. Middendorp referenced recent complaints from Orbit College in the Motsepe Foundation Championship, indicating a broader concern about officiating in South Africa. During a post-match press conference, Middendorp questioned the focus on coaching qualifications, suggesting that discussions should also address the impact of officiating on players, games, and clubs.

He mentioned his decision to not engage with the referees during a match, citing similar complaints from other teams. Middendorp’s comments reflect a broader discussion about the challenges faced in South African football, including the need for higher coaching standards and concerns about the quality of officiating. His remarks underscore the complexity of issues affecting the sport and the various perspectives that need to be considered for meaningful improvements.

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