Zamalek, a five-time African champion, was only able to reach the competition’s final twice. The team achieved this feat in 2019, defeating RS Berkane to win the tournament. Khalid Boutaib, a player on the 2019 title-winning squad, had a brief stint with the White Knights, making 24 appearances and scoring five goals during his one-year stay in the Egyptian capital.

Boutaib has been waiting for four years to receive his unpaid dues. The Switzerland-based institution has instructed Zamalek to pay Boutaib €2.4 million (R48.9 million) in wages, including €1.9 million (R38.7 million) as the initial fine and the rest as late fines. As a consequence of failing to pay his wages, the north African outfit has been slapped with a transfer ban.

The team is facing challenges as a result of this, with potential implications for participation in the upcoming off-season transfer window. Reports from *KingFut* suggest that Zamalek is aiming to resolve the matter before the off-season transfer window, to ensure they can participate in the market once again. This move is similar to their approach last year when they faced a transfer ban and managed to resolve the issue.

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