Local football agent Alpheus Thantsha has been dedicated to helping aspiring professional footballers achieve their dreams. Despite facing challenges, such as limited resources and coming from a disadvantaged background himself, he established an academy for boys in Tshwane in his early 20s.

His passion for helping kids realize their potential has been a driving force in his career. However, Thantsha’s focus has had to shift in recent times due to concerns for his safety.

He has spoken exclusively to the Siya crew about the fear of losing his life and the impact it has had on his work. This fear has added a new dimension to his efforts to support young footballers.

Since his youth, Thantsha has been driven by the desire to empower young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to become professional footballers. Despite the challenges he has faced, he remains committed to his vision and continues to work towards creating opportunities for talented individuals in the football industry.

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