The latest club that is interested in signing Singh is a team from Denmark, and they have already inquired about the availability of the Cukaricki player. Additionally, teams in the MLS and South Africa have also been monitoring the Serbia-based striker.

Sources have indicated that Singh’s management is currently evaluating various offers to make a final decision. The source mentioned that the specific Danish club interested in Singh is not currently known.

There are multiple teams monitoring the player, including Zamalek FC from Egypt, who have already made offers. Another source reported that Singh’s current club, Cukaricki in Serbia, is also interested in retaining him, while there is also interest from the South African Premier Soccer League.

The agent, Warren Swartz of ProAthlete Management, confirmed the interest from Denmark and also mentioned that a club from Israel is also pursuing Singh. However, Swartz stated that they cannot disclose further details until there is a concrete offer.

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