The SuperSport United press conference took place at the Nedbank Headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. During the conference, coach Gavin Hunt discussed a recent bet he made with the club’s young star Shandre Campbell, where the 18-year-old earned R1000 from Hunt.

However, Hunt expressed his belief that young players should not be motivated by money, particularly given the vast earnings of today’s players as compared to the past. Hunt emphasized the importance of self-motivation for players, stating that if he had to motivate players who are already compensated for their efforts, then he would be in the wrong profession.

He stressed that playing sports at the highest level should be driven by internal motivation rather than external incentives. Hunt highlighted the self-inner motivation of many young players and expressed the need for coaches to adapt to different motivational approaches that resonate with today’s youth.

Furthermore, Hunt addressed the changing nature of the sporting world, emphasizing the need for coaches to evolve with young players. He noted that motivation for current players is different from what it was in the past, referencing the significant increase in earnings and how it has impacted the meaning of motivation for today’s athletes.

Hunt also touched on the performance disparity between cup competitions and league matches, citing examples of teams that excelled in cup competitions but struggled in league play. He acknowledged the need for coaches to adapt to these changing dynamics and emphasized the importance of continually evolving to remain relevant in the industry.

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