The Brazilians and Yanga SC played to a 0-0 draw in both legs of their match before Sundowns advanced through a penalty shootout. If a goal had been awarded to Yanga, Sundowns would have needed two goals to win. Initially, it appeared that the shot may have crossed the line, causing controversy among Yanga fans and management.

However, upon closer analysis in replays, it was determined that the entire circumference of the ball needs to cross the line to count as a goal. CAF VAR instructor Jerome Damon later explained why a goal couldn’t be awarded to Yanga in that incident. Damon clarified that the on-field decision stood, and there was no conclusive evidence to overturn it.

He highlighted that FIFA utilizes both VAR and Goal Line Technology in major tournaments, and in this situation, Goal Line Technology would have been more accurate. He further explained that the referee and VAR acted within the available protocol, and their decision was based on checking all available angles. The technology available for such situations in world competitions is the Goal Line Technology and VAR.

Damon emphasized that FIFA and the IFAB know that goal-line technology would be more accurate in determining goal-scoring situations. He also shared the decision on his social media following the match. Lastly, there were comments about an online stadium and being Soccer Laduma’s new home, but these are not relevant to the discussion of the match and the controversy surrounding the goal decision.

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