The Maroons continued their undefeated streak by reaching 25 matches in all competitions. They secured their third consecutive victory, maintaining a three-point lead over the Buccaneers. To honor the late Oshwin Andries, who wore number 25 at Stellies and tragically lost his life, the team and head coach Steve Barker paid tribute to him.

Andries was a promising young player who had a bright future in football before his untimely death. Andries made his professional debut at the age of 18 and had 11 senior appearances for the team. He played in defense and midfield, leaving a lasting impact on the club.

To commemorate his legacy, the team dedicated their 25-match undefeated streak to Andries, acknowledging the significance of the number 25 for their club. Coach Barker expressed the importance of reaching 25 games unbeaten, emphasizing the special meaning of the number 25 for the team. He referenced Andries’ shirt, which hangs in the team meeting room, as a reminder of the significance of the number to the club.

Barker highlighted the team’s desire to achieve a big victory at home on the 25th game, making it a special and meaningful achievement for them.

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