The South Africa national men’s soccer team had a media open day at Lentelus Sportsground in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The event featured players like Zakhele Lepasa and Aubrey Modiba, who represented the national team. Deon Hotto represented Namibia, and Richard Ofori participated for Ghana at Afcon. Ledwaba expressed his enthusiasm for having players from his team represented in the national team, citing the benefits of their experience in tough games with tough opponents. He mentioned Hotto’s performance in the Namibia game against Mali and how it could benefit the team as they compete for the league title back home.

Ledwaba also highlighted the positive impact of tournament participation on players like Evidence Makgopa, who has gained confidence despite not scoring a goal yet. He emphasized that the experience gained by Makgopa, Lepasa, and Monare in the national team would boost the confidence of the team in the second half of the season. He concluded by emphasizing the morale boost that a national team call-up provides and the significant benefits that Pirates would gain from the ongoing Afcon tournament.

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