Bafana had achieved a third-place finish on Saturday, surpassing the expectations of many. They emerged from a tough group and went on to upset strong opponents in the knockout rounds, such as Morocco.

Former player, Mark Fish, spoke positively about the team’s performance and the important next steps. He emphasized the need to build on their recent success and strive to qualify for the 2026 World Cup.

Fish praised South African coach Hugo Broos for his vision and attention to detail in achieving his objectives. He also mentioned the positive individual performances and the team’s understanding of their coach’s expectations.

Fish highlighted the memorable victory over Morocco and how the players now have the experience of playing in the African Cup of Nations, with a successful outcome of securing the bronze medal. While acknowledging the desire for gold or silver, he emphasized the significant achievement of claiming the bronze and the pride it brought to South African football followers.

Moreover, Bafana’s performances have sparked increased interest in football and the national team among sports enthusiasts across the country.

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