The relationship between the sports and music industries in South Africa is symbiotic. In the 90s and early 2000s, there were three notable instances of footballers crossing over into the music industry. Doctor Khumalo, Benni McCarthy, and Steve Lekoelea made a mark in the music scene during this time.

Doctor Khumalo collaborated with the late radio personality, DJ, and musician Bob Mabena in the early 90s hit, “Get Funky,” a remake of the Positive Force’s “We’ve Got The Funk.” In an interview with the Mail & Guardian, Khumalo mentioned that he was initially hesitant to make the song, but was eventually convinced by Mabena and co-producer Mdu Masilela. Benni McCarthy, a promising 17-year-old striker at the time, delivered a memorable bilingual verse and joined the TKZee crew in the football-themed music video for the track.

This collaboration is well remembered as a positive moment in South African pop culture. Steve Lekoelea, a former Orlando Pirates midfield maestro, made his mark on Mzansi’s pop culture by collaborating with kwaito artist Mzambiya for “Jezi Number 10.” This collaboration was well-received, with Lekoelea, wearing the iconic number 10 jersey for Orlando Pirates at the time, inspiring the tune.

These instances of footballers venturing into music left a lasting impact on South African pop culture and showcased the symbiotic relationship between the two industries.

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