The English Football League (EFL) announced that Premier League team Sheffield United has been penalized by the deduction of two points for their next appearance within the EFL’s jurisdiction, with an additional two points being suspended until the end of the 2022/23 season. This decision was made due to the club defaulting on payments to other clubs for over 550 days during the mentioned season.

The suspended points deduction will be enforced if the club defaults on any future payments to other clubs under transfer or compensation agreements for more than five business days from the due date. Currently positioned nine points away from safety, Sheffield United is expected to be relegated back to the EFL Championship.

In response to the ruling, Sheffield United released a statement expressing their disappointment with the deduction. They emphasized that awaiting overdue payments from several other clubs had impacted their financial situation.

The club stated that they opted to reach an agreement to minimize the risk of facing a higher deduction or further transfer embargoes, and to avoid getting entangled in lengthy and expensive legal proceedings. The club expressed its readiness to put this matter behind them and focus on the future.

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