The widow of the late Sfiso Ncwane, Ayanda, recently passed on his microphone to their eldest son, Ngcweti Ncwane. This symbolic gesture took place during an event held to honor the iconic gospel star. Sfiso passed away in 2016 as a result of kidney failure, and Ayanda has been dedicated to continuing his legacy.

During the event, Ayanda gave Ngcweti the microphone, symbolizing the passing of the torch and the continuation of Sfiso’s musical legacy within the family. This gesture signifies the faith and hope for the future of Ngcweti carrying on his father’s musical and artistic traditions. This meaningful event underscores the deep connection that exists between the late Sfiso Ncwane, his family, and his musical legacy.

It also serves as a testament to the enduring impact and influence that Sfiso had within the gospel music community.

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