The South African Football Association has recently been experiencing turmoil. The Special Investigative Unit of the Hawks conducted a raid at SAFA House at the FNB Stadium, where they confiscated laptops and hard drives of the SAFA CFO. Although the items have been returned, this action has raised concerns among football followers about the state of the football’s controlling body. SAFA President Dr. Danny Jordaan is currently facing allegations of maladministration and the alleged misuse of funds.

Additionally, old adversaries have emerged and are threatening to disrupt the organization. This is worrying as SAFA should be preparing for two upcoming high-profile 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches. The organization seems to be under siege and on the brink of collapse, which does not bode well for its future. The Hawks’ raid at the SAFA headquarters, investigating allegations of fraud and theft amounting to R1.3 million allegedly committed by President Dr. Danny Jordaan, has left the country in a state of shock.

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