PUMA, a leading sports brand, has launched a new marketing campaign titled “FOREVER. FASTER. — See The Game Like We Do”. The campaign aims to solidify PUMA’s position as the fastest sports brand in the world.

It features renowned footballers and athletes, such as Jack Grealish, Antoine Griezmann, Christian Pulisic, and Neymar Jr., and is the brand’s largest marketing investment to date, designed to elevate the PUMA brand to new heights. Established in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, PUMA has a rich history of creating cutting-edge innovations for athletes that emphasize agility, nimbleness, and speed. The “FOREVER. FASTER.”

campaign is rooted in the brand’s commitment to seeing sports and sports culture differently, challenging conventions, and creating unforgettable moments. It aims to capture the essence of PUMA’s ability to set the pace for others and see the game differently. CEO of PUMA, Arne Freundt, emphasized the significance of speed as a superpower that unlocks athletic performance and victory. The campaign seeks to inspire individuals to push past their limits, achieve their personal best, and become the best version of themselves, ultimately aligning with PUMA’s vision of seeing the game “FOREVER.

FASTER.” The campaign was launched on 10 April and will be promoted across various media channels, including social media, television, PR, out of home media, and points of sale worldwide. Additionally, it will feature a hero brand film and creative assets showcasing top athletes. PUMA plans to release dedicated brand videos and creative assets for events like The CONMEBOL Copa America, UEFA Euro 2024, and The 2024 Summer Olympics later in the year.

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