In a recent radio interview, Masandawana star Aubrey Modiba expressed his support for his coach Rulani Mokwena and explained why he believes referencing Pep Guardiola is beneficial. Rulani Mokwena, who is aiming for back-to-back league titles for Sundowns, shares several tactical aspects with Pep Guardiola, including a focus on possession. Rulani has even been likened to “Pep-lite” and openly acknowledges his admiration for the former FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich mentor.

From Rulani’s attention to detail to his mannerisms, the comparison to Pep Guardiola is something that the Sundowns boss is accustomed to. Modiba highlighted Rulani’s frequent references to Pep’s work and expressed that he sees nothing wrong with it. He mentioned that Rulani watches a lot of Manchester City games and that the team learns from Rulani’s Pep-inspired work to improve as players.

Modiba emphasized that there is no issue in idolizing a player like Pep Guardiola, stating that learning from the best can only benefit them. He concluded by reiterating Rulani’s respect for Pep Guardiola and the impact of his new ideas and philosophy on football.

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