During the Nedbank Cup press conference, Riveiro emphasized that Orlando Pirates do not promote young players solely to set records, but because they believe the players are prepared to perform at the highest level. When the team provides opportunities to youngsters, it is based on trust and the belief that it is the right decision.

Riveiro highlighted the distinction between merely playing youth for a few minutes to boost statistics and genuinely trusting in their abilities. He cited the example of Rele, who joined the team and immediately played a full 80-90 minutes against Royal AM because the coaching staff deemed him prepared for the challenge.

Riveiro stressed that readiness is not just about talent, as young players are never 100% prepared and will inevitably make mistakes. He added that Rele’s performance has proven the club’s decision to have faith in him and indicated that more young players will be given opportunities.

Riveiro emphasized that the club and the senior players will not hinder the progress of young players, but it is up to the players to desire success and utilize the platform provided to them.

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