The Orlando Pirates coach JoÅ?e Riveiro was discussed during a press conference at Nedbank Headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. The sources talked about Ndzinisa’s age of 32 and how the team wants to focus on giving chances to younger players in the future.

According to a source, the move for the Eswatini striker Ndzinisa is facing a hindrance due to his age. The team is interested in younger players and is considering players like Stephane Aziz Ki and Tremaine Eastmond.

Ndzinisa’s current job as a Warder is also contributing to the failure of the move. The source noted that it’s not easy for them to let him go unless he takes a long-term unpaid leave.

Ndzinisa has experience in South Africa with TS Sporting before they were relegated. Soccer Laduma reached out to Pirates for a comment, but the club did not respond at the time of publishing.

The source mentioned that the team is looking at younger strikers and this is causing a delay in Ndzinisa’s move. The source concluded that for now, the move hangs in the balance.

Overall, the discussion centered around the challenge of Ndzinisa’s age and current job affecting the potential transfer to Orlando Pirates.

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