Royal AM faced Orlando Pirates in a DStv Premiership match at Harry Gwala Stadium in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Unfortunately, Royal AM lost 4-0 to the Buccaneers, halting their winning streak at one game. Head coach John Maduka expressed his thoughts on the game, acknowledging that despite their efforts, they made mistakes that a team like Orlando Pirates was able to capitalize on.

Maduka commented on the team’s continued effort throughout the match, noting that they were proactive in the first half and put in a strong effort in the second half. However, he recognized that their mistakes led to opportunities for Orlando Pirates to score, highlighting the need for improvement in minimizing errors. He emphasized the quality of the opposition and how they exploit any mistakes made by the opposing team.

Furthermore, Maduka mentioned the team’s attacking style of play, expressing the vulnerability it can create when facing opponents like Orlando Pirates. He concluded by acknowledging the disappointment of the loss and expressed determination to focus on the upcoming matches. In summary, Maduka’s reflections on the match highlighted the team’s strong effort and determination while recognizing the need to address their defensive vulnerabilities and minimize mistakes.

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