Nqobani Dube, a member of the legendary mbhaqanga group Ofeleba, has been struggling with depression. The 43-year-old musician from KwaMaphumulo, KZN, revealed that he has been dealing with depression since 2019. The situation worsened when one of Ofeleba’s members, Khumbulani Kubheka, passed away on Tuesday, 6 February after a brief illness.

In an interview with *Daily Sun*, Nqobani expressed how devastating Khumbulani’s death was for him, stating that it nearly drove him to the brink. This news sheds light on the mental health challenges that Nqobani Dube has been facing for over a year. His openness about his struggles with depression and the impact of Khumbulani’s passing reflects the need for more awareness and support for mental health issues within the music industry.

It is important to acknowledge and address the mental health of musicians and individuals in the entertainment industry. Nqobani Dube’s experience serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health support and the impact of grief and loss on individuals within the music community.

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