Business owners in Pienaar, Mpumalanga, are expressing concerns over the delayed construction of Nkosi City. They believe that the government’s delay is hindering their business growth and the creation of employment opportunities in the area. These business owners are struggling to maintain their businesses as the local community faces high unemployment rates.

The delay in the construction of Nkosi City is seen as a significant obstacle to the economic development of the region. The situation has prompted these business owners to voice their frustrations with the government’s handling of the project. They are worried about the impact of the delay on their ability to sustain and expand their businesses, as well as the livelihoods of the local workforce.

The plight of these business owners reflects a broader concern about the economic well-being of the community at large. It highlights the urgent need for timely and effective government intervention to address the challenges faced by local businesses and ensure the sustained growth and prosperity of the region.

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