The West African team had to wait twice as long as they did before, as their 16-year wait to play at the Olympic Games has now ended. This is courtesy of Randy Waldrum’s first-ever triumph over Desiree Ellis. Following the match, the American expressed his pleasure at bringing joy to the Nigerian people.

During his post-match press conference, the Texas native stated, “I think the team did everything we asked them to do to get the result. We knew that South Africa really had to come at us. We respect their strength and their team very much.

We know what their qualities are, but I think this is our seventh or eighth clean sheet in our last eight or nine games, with Australia being the only team that’s scored twice on us, so we’ve been very good defensively.” Waldrum also mentioned, “And with some proper work, we will even get better on the offensive side, which I know everybody has been asking for, but we need some time to prepare and get our players together.”

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