Pep Guardiola has taken aim at Manchester United following their recent hiring of a key Manchester City executive. Omar Berrada, who was previously the chief operating officer of City before being promoted to chief of football operations officer of the City Football Group in 2020, left the club after almost a decade to become United’s chief executive officer last week.

A significant portion of City’s success has been credited to the club’s organized and structured work behind the scenes. However, Guardiola seems to imply that Berrada’s appointment alone will not be sufficient to restore United to their former glory. He expressed skepticism, stating, “De Bruyne will play here. Erling Haaland will play here, so in the end it’s not that simple like that,” and added, “Maybe United thinks with this person everything is going to change. Congratulations. I don’t know if this is going to happen.”

Guardiola also questioned whether Berrada’s appointment would instantly resolve United’s issues, emphasizing that it might not be as straightforward as they anticipate. He remarked, “I don’t know if (by) doing this (clicks his fingers) everything is going to be sorted and it works. If it does happen, then oh my god they have to make a stand for Omar Berrada in the future because he’d deserve it.”

Meanwhile, United announced Berrada’s arrival on their website, emphasizing their commitment to refocusing on football and on-field performance with Berrada’s appointment as the initial step in this direction. They highlighted his extensive football and commercial expertise, successful leadership track record, and passion for driving change within the club. Berrada’s start date with United is yet to be confirmed.

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