The recent tactical switch in a football club has prompted fans to question the decision not to field a more traditional right-sided player, such as Benson Manuel or Nathan Redmond. The club’s Belgian tactician, a former Manchester City captain, defended the change by explaining that the South Africa international is only positioned out wide when the team is out of position.

He stressed the importance of player adaptability to the positions he wants them to play on the pitch, emphasizing the flexibility of his players. He indicated that the player’s position in possession remains consistent despite the perception of a change in position.

This adaptability has always been a key aspect of the team’s approach with its players. The explanation provided by the 38-year-old tactician has been quoted in the *Burnley Express,* where he highlights the perception from the outside and the need for players to be flexible in their roles.

He emphasized that the players have always been required to adapt to different positions, which is a fundamental aspect of the team’s philosophy and approach to player development.

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