The repercussions of financial mismanagement and non-compliance with regulations have become evident as several top-flight clubs are dealing with FIFA-imposed transfer bans. Amid these challenges, legendary midfielder Hlompho Kekana of Mamelodi Sundowns emphasizes the need for accountability and adherence to regulations to maintain the integrity of the game in the country. He highlights the empowerment of players and the role of technology in ensuring transparency and accountability within the sport. Kekana points out that in the current era, with the presence of technology and vocal players, it is difficult for teams to cut corners and evade paying players.

He stresses the importance for clubs to respect the rights of players and adhere to their obligations. Recent developments have shown some clubs, such as Polokwane City and Chippa United, successfully overturning their transfer bans after fulfilling their financial obligations to former players. These instances serve as a reminder of the consequences of non-compliance and the need for clubs to uphold their responsibilities towards players and stakeholders. As South African football addresses these challenges, Kekana’s words resonate strongly, urging stakeholders to prioritize transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulations.

It is emphasized that only through collective effort and commitment to best practices can the sport thrive and flourish in the face of these challenges.

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