Grant Kekana received a red card during extra time in Bafana’s defeat to the Super Eagles, which resulted in an outpouring of support from fans and even his mother. The incident occurred in the 115th minute, when he fouled Super Eagles striker Terem Moffi just outside the box, leading to a dangerous free kick for Nigeria and his dismissal after a VAR consultation. Although the foul prevented a potential goal-scoring opportunity, it also led to Kekana’s expulsion, and his sacrifice was widely acknowledged as a testament to his commitment to the team.

Following his solid performance in the game against Nigeria, Kekana was praised on social media for his contributions to the team’s defensive efforts, with fans expressing their appreciation for his partnership with Mvala and overall performance during the tournament. These sentiments were reflected in numerous tweets applauding Kekana’s skill, dedication, and sacrifice for the team. In addition to the outpouring of support, it was noted that Kekana, along with his Mamelodi Sundowns teammates in Bafana’s defensive unit, played a crucial role in helping the team secure four consecutive clean sheets during this year’s AFCON.

His contributions were recognized as instrumental to the team’s defensive success, and fans expressed gratitude for his impactful presence on the field.

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