The former Bafana Bafana and Leeds United skipper, Lucas Radebe, shared insights into his childhood in Soweto and his parents’ expectations of him during a radio interview with host Clement Manyathela. Known affectionately as “The Chief” by Leeds United supporters, Radebe spoke openly about his upbringing in Diepkloof and how he became involved in football. He revealed that his family had a strong sporting background, with his father claiming to have been a boxer, although Radebe had never seen any evidence of this. He also spoke about the influence of his big family on his development, highlighting how his upbringing amidst ten siblings helped prepare him for life in a team environment as an athlete.

Radebe reflected on the challenges he faced growing up during the Apartheid era and how football initially started as a hobby, something he and his siblings would do after school or when they bunked school. Despite the struggles, he expressed gratitude for the lessons and experiences that ultimately shaped his future career. He emphasized the competitive nature of his upbringing and how it equipped him for the challenges he would face in his professional career. Radebe also revealed that his parents, while supportive, had initially hoped he would pursue a career in medicine, demonstrating the contrast between their expectations and his eventual path in football.

Ultimately, Radebe saw his involvement in football as a calling and a means to inspire others. He believed that it was more than just playing a sport, but an opportunity to have a positive impact and inspire others in a different way.

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