Mohamed Salah has returned to Liverpool for treatment while Egypt’s 2023 Africa Cup of Nations campaign continues. The Pharaohs are set to play against DR Congo in the round of 16 this weekend, with hopes that Salah may return to the Ivory Coast if Egypt progresses and he recovers in time.

Salah’s agent, Ramy Abbas, has stated that he has noted the individuals who have criticized the 31-year-old winger. Abbas believes that some critics have attempted to gain popularity by questioning Salah’s commitment to his country and his decision to return to England for treatment. He warned that he has taken note of those who have supported Salah as well.

In a statement on X (formerly known as Twitter), Abbas expressed gratitude to those who defended Salah and criticized the actions of others. He accused some individuals and “influencers” of seeking fame, clicks, and “likes” by questioning Salah’s dedication. Abbas made it clear that he has taken note of the critics and supporters of Salah’s decision.

This situation has sparked a reaction from Salah’s agent, who has publicly called out those who have questioned his client’s commitment and noted down the names of both the critics and supporters.

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