Lebohang Mthunzi, a former star of *Generations: The Legacy*, has announced the launch of her new travel vlog, Lebohang Mthunzi Travels. She expressed her excitement, stating that she can now make a living out of it.

This new venture signifies a significant expansion of her career and brand as an actress, showcasing her desire to explore new opportunities beyond her acting career. Mthunzi’s travel vlog presents a new creative outlet for her to connect with audiences and share experiences from her travels.

The launch of Lebohang Mthunzi Travels demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to diversify her skills beyond the entertainment industry. It also marks an exciting new chapter in her professional journey, offering fans and followers a fresh perspective and insight into her personal adventures.

With her new travel vlog, Mthunzi is seizing the opportunity to engage with a wider audience, share her passion for travel, and create a sustainable income stream. This bold move is proof of her ambition and determination to succeed in various creative ventures.

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