Samkelo Zwane, a player for Kaizer Chiefs, has expressed his determination to work hard and earn more playing time. Despite having limited game time this season, Zwane has been training hard and is eager to seize the opportunity to contribute to his team. He has received support from his coaches and teammates, and feels motivated to continue growing and improving as a player.

During a recent interview with the club’s official website, Zwane mentioned that he has been keeping fit and training with the team while waiting for his chance to shine on the field. He expressed confidence in being able to make a strong impact once given the opportunity. Kaizer Chiefs is gearing up for the DStv Premiership, and Zwane is focused on making the most of the upcoming matches.

He is grateful for the encouragement he has received from the team and remains committed to putting in the hard work required to earn a spot in the game. The team’s new online stadium,, is also mentioned in the original text, but this does not seem relevant to Zwane’s determination and goals as a player. Therefore, it has not been included in the rewritten text.

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