Vilakazi, aged 18, secured a place in the first team following standout performances in the DStv Diski Challenge. His professional debut took place under interim coach Cavin Johnson.

The contract extends until June 2028, leading to significant excitement among Amakhosi supporters. Despite not yet leaving a mark in the first team, Vilakazi has quickly gained popularity among fans.

Readers reacted to the Vilakazi news in the comments section of the “Chiefs Make Big Vilakazi Announcement” story. One comment expressed doubt about the scouting abilities of Kaizer Chiefs and questioned the promotion of certain players.

Another comment emphasized the need to promote Vilakazi cautiously and stressed that he should be introduced during victorious periods. At the same time, another commenter criticized the announcement and discussed the history of player promotions.

On social media, fans expressed various reactions to the news. Some expressed hope that the coaches would play Vilakazi, while others expressed frustration and skepticism about the team’s expenditures and coaching.

One fan expressed trust in Mfundi’s ability to bring fans back to the stands, drawing comparisons to player Scara. Another fan simply shared the excitement by mentioning Vilakazi’s name.

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