Our coaches Augusto Palacios and Trott Moloto decided it was best for me to join the game in the second half. During halftime, the Chiefs physio had to apply vaseline and oil to warm up my body. Once I entered the game, I made a significant impact.

Upon joining Kaizer Chiefs, senior players Neil Tovey, Wellington Manyathi, and Gardner Seale warmly welcomed me. It was a culture shock to witness the club taking its players to a hotel, as well as being encouraged to eat properly. At Kaizer Chiefs, the meals were impressive, with options such as spaghetti, rice, and chicken.

This was a major change for me, coming from a country where we were not accustomed to consuming a full chicken. Shakes Kungwane playfully teased me about my eating habits, expressing concerns about my ability to adapt. My teammate, Shakes Kungwane, amused me with his constant jokes and encouragement to eat more.

Despite struggling to understand him at times, his humorous demeanor and Botende Eshele’s translations made the transition easier. Shakes would even playfully comment on my training sessions, telling me that I needed to eat more to keep up with the physical demands of the game.

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